About This Project

The BLOX development in the Elysian Valley (Frogtown) community of Los Angeles creates a cohesive ‘creative campus’, which adaptively re-uses two existing industrial buildings and incorporates two new buildings on a vacant parcel adjacent to the Los Angeles River. The project site planning is intended to promote a walkable streetscape by incorporating retail space at the sidewalk with minimal setbacks, public art at the building front, and vehicle parking within the building mass at the rear. The new building incorporates an industrial aesthetic that thoughtfully utilizes raw industrial materials to create minimalist, clean details throughout.


In a community experiencing rapid transformation, the complex has set a frequently-referenced standard for future development. The project includes a creative office and two retail suites in the existing buildings and in the new building, creative office space on the second floor and four creative office suites and a take-out restaurant on the first floor.


Los Angeles, CA


Blake Riverside LLC, FSY Architects


FSY Architects

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