Capitol Theatre 4D

About This Project

fsy’s experience in theatre design and adaptive reuse was solicited in the re-creation and adaptive reuse of the demolished historical Capitol Theatre. The theatre program includes a completely automated 4D experience that transforms the historical theatre into a dramatic venue for productions through lighting, audio-visuals, sets and special effects. The theatre is also designed to easily adapt to travelling shows and events and provides additional functionality for the performing arts, including a sprung floor for dance performances, and audio-visual and lighting hookups.


Each design component, from equipment to HVAC, SFX and audio visual systems, is accurately modeled in a digital environment, facilitating easy visualization for the entire team during the design process. This culminated in the development of a coordinated set of construction documents, using the latest in Building Information Modeling technology to allow for a continuously collaborative, cost conscious and thorough design process.


Edmonton, Canada


Artisan Design