Nolte Lofts

About This Project

The brief was the adaptive reuse of an existing historical garage building into five artist lofts and the construction of ten new loft units on an adjacent infill vacant property. The development is located within the West Adams Historical Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) and includes Nolte Garage, which was built in the 1920’s and is registered as a contributory building to the now designated West Adams Historical District.


Nolte Garage was renovated in the 1940’s with an Art Deco façade over the original brick façade. The Art Deco design was determined to be the most significant to the District given its longevity and contribution to the streetscape of that period. Through extensive research related to design, materials and colors, the Art Deco façade was fully restored. The new building relates to the existing buildings through the use of similar materials, façade articulation, and detailing, and has been designed to reflect the mixed scale and composition of the neighborhood including both commercial and residential uses.


The new development is divided into several buildings to allow light and common green space to filter through and surround the buildings. The organization of the new ten units in a courtyard layout provides a generous outdoor landscaped area that is adjacent and accessible to the residents of the existing Nolte Garage for cultural or recreational activities.

Historic Preservation, Housing