Rosa De Castilla Apartments

About This Project

Rosa de Castilla Apartments is comprised of 85-units of affordable housing for veterans, seniors, and families in 4 stories, over basement parking. At ground level, commercial space, a community room, and support spaces front onto the street, creating a pedestrian-friendly streetscape at grade. Located in the East Los Angeles community formerly known as Rancho Rosa De Castilla, the large lot contains three different use zones: commercial, residential estate, and agricultural. The proposed development is contained fully in the commercial zone (fronting onto Huntington Drive) while the remainder of the site will remain undisturbed in its natural state. The aim is to maintain a fluid connection between the open space of the denser development at the street and the undeveloped open space at the rear.


East Los Angeles, CA


East Los Angeles Community Corporation

Design Team

Vijay Sehgal FAIA, Arturo Yanez AIA, Stefon Deajon