FSY hosts AWA+D’s changing of the guard 

Sep 2016 FSY hosts AWA+D’s changing of the guard 

The officers of the board, both incumbent and new, along with some thirty members, gathered at FSY’s Blox campus on September 15 to inaugurate its upcoming 2016-17 term. An evening of warm camaraderie and conversation unfolded as members reminisced the term just passed and discussed the exciting year ahead—all over a glass of chilled Proseco, red wine (compliments of FSY) and some delectable sandwiches.
The Association for Women in Architecture + Design is in its 95th year with the Los Angeles chapter being the only remaining one, in a history of almost a hundred years. A charming evening in the intimate Blox courtyard provided a wonderful opportunity for members to mix and mingle as the membership bid good bye to some members of the board and welcomed a new cohort as they took office for the term ahead. FSY was pleased to host the event and welcomed the opportunity to support women in the professions of architecture and design.