Stefon Deajon is newest FSY Associate

Jan 2019 Stefon Deajon is newest FSY Associate

FSY Architects is proud to recognize Stefon Deajon as our newest Associate. Over the past five years, Stefon has personified professionalism, dedication and integrity, contributing his vast talents to a wide range of projects at FSY Architects, many of which have been award-winning.


Stefon received his Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Southern California’s School of Architecture in 2010. Soon after, he began a career in themed entertainment where he worked on movies such as ‘The Brass Teapot’ and ‘The Nevsky Prospect’ as a set designer and on themed entertainment projects as a Showset/CAD Designer.


At FSY, in addition to being involved with themed entertainment projects, Stefon has played an important role in the design of numerous multi-unit housing and civic projects. He is expert in 3D rendering, Building Information Modeling, technology, and sustainability. Currently, he is leading the construction administration effort on the Lincoln Park Pool and Batthouse, and Vision Theatre projects.