Orion Gardens

About This Project

Orion Gardens is a 32-unit affordable housing development in the North Hills community of greater Los Angeles. The complex is designed with priority given to safety, while creating living spaces that are livable, sustainable and enjoyable for families. The u-shaped building parti contains one, two and three-bedroom units with special considerations given to acoustical, security and daylighting within the project’s site. To this end, the courtyard is shielded from view at the first floor and screened at the second and third levels with the use of corrugated, perforated metal sheathing. This provides privacy for residents, while allowing them framed views of the street, surrounding neighborhood and landscape. Sustainable features include design elements that encourage natural air flow, natural floor materials in all living areas, low VOC paint and adhesives and native planting throughout.


Los Angeles, CA


Decro Orion Apartments, L.P.